From Team Expertly: What to expect in our first app release

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If you're a freelance beautician who has stumbled across Expertly - or anyone generally interested in what we're up to! - you might like what you see and be ready to try it immediately. So the next question is - where do I download the app?!

Hopefully you've figured out by now that we're a brand new beauty startup, and our launch is coming up soon (and if you haven't, check out the article from our CEO here on why we're launching Expertly).

Our upcoming launch is a special milestone for us, because it will be the “first release” of our app; so only a few people who get approved after pre-registering will be able to try it. But you might be wondering, what does this actually mean? Here, we wanted to explain in a bit more detail:

  • Our first release will be minimal. It is focussed on the most core features of the app, and it doesn't have the full design and buttons that a normal version would have. The point is for the app to function at its most basic level, so that the makers can get feedback and make sure what they build is useful for the people who will actually use it.
  • Our first release is for early adopters. It's used by beauticians who are excited to try it, and are comfortable with having the basics, because they really believe in what the app eventually needs to do!
  • Our first release will have bugs. Because the app hasn't been used widely yet, bugs will come up that the makers are unaware of. This is one of the reasons why we have a small group testing us in the first place - to discover these and fix them quickly.
  • Our first release is exciting. All of the amazing apps that we know and love, started with a very basic first release. Some of them were totally different than what we know today. For example, Instagram actually started out as a location-based check-in app (similar to Foursquare). It had a photo sharing feature, but it's only by releasing such a basic version that they realised that this was the part that people loved the most. This is why it's so exciting - you never know what big breakthrough you will end up being a part of!

While we're still tinkering away to get this in good shape, pretty soon we'll be letting go and putting it in the hands of those who matter most, our early community of beauty professionals. If you're interested in joining us and being one of the first to try us, pre-register here - we have lots of gifts and benefits in store as a big thank you for those that are joining us so early in this exciting journey.

Team Expertly