From our CEO: Why We're Launching Expertly

Erin Booth, Expertly CEO

When we set out to build Expertly, we started with the belief that hair and beauty professionals are making their clients' lives better - and that our new company's job will be to help strengthen those relationships. We decided to build a new platform and vibrant community specifically to support the lives and livelihoods of today's beauty pros.

From our research, we saw that beauty professionals were struggling with traditional retail and old salon systems not built for their beauty business needs. With the added pain of lockdowns, we wanted to bring new revenue opportunities through a beautiful and easy e-commerce experience that would allow pros to sell brand-name beauty products online. We also especially wanted to cater to freelance and mobile beauty businesses, the ones powering the new 'passion economy', which you can learn more about here.

After months of work and many conversations with beauty pros, I am so excited to share that we are soon launching the first version of the Expertly app. Expertly fits naturally into your day-to-day and enables you to grow your beauty business. You can earn more income while recommending the products you love and enriching your customer relationships with advice.

I am thrilled to start welcoming our first group of experts to join the business (if you're a beauty pro and interested in learning more, fill out our short pre-registration form here).

I simply cannot wait for you to try this. Thank you, and we're very fortunate to have you along for the journey as we build this new business.

Erin Booth

Founder and CEO, Expertly