Expertly List: How to Find TV & Film Hair & Makeup Bookings

Hair and makeup film and tv

One of the best parts of being a freelance beautician is that it's a career where you can truly express yourself creatively. And there is no better place to see your creativity come to life than on the big and small screens! In the UK's big film and tv industry, there are great opportunities for beauty professionals, especially hair and makeup artists. If this is an area you're interested in, here are our tips and resources to help you get started:

Look for jobs in the right places

While you can find film and tv hair and makeup jobs posted on regular career websites such as LinkedIn, it's good to be aware of the special websites that are specifically for film and television roles. In the UK, these are  ProductionBase, Star Now, The Call Sheet and If you're just starting out, there are also work experience opportunities available at some of the top TV networks, including the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Sky.

You can also look towards more focussed job boards. For example, My First Job in TV is run by a woman who mentors those who are looking to break out into TV careers. She also runs a job board and Facebook group which posts opportunities. There is also Creative Access, which focuses specifically on groups that are under-represented in terms of ethnicity, socio-economic background and disability.

Finally, occasionally there are hair and makeup jobs listed on more general creative communities, such as The Freelancer Club.


NASMAH is the National Association of Screen Makeup & Hair. NASMAH is part of the Cine Guild in the UK, and aims to uphold high standards in the craft of media hair and make-up. While NASMAH is not officially a jobs board or a recruitment service, through a membership, you can also sign up to an exclusive directory of hair and makeup professionals, which they make available to their member organisations. If you are a practicing beauty professional for film and TV, you should definitely be on their list.

Sign up to academies and/or talent agencies

Many of the top jobs can only be accessed through specialist agents. Two of the best in the UK are The Milton Agency and Carol Hayes Management. At the top end is United Agents, for elite Heads of Departments in the hair, makeup and prosthetics fields.

Relatedly, a few of the beauty academies in the UK also run agencies on the side. Some beauty academies that either have agencies or strong career development communities are Delamar, Iver, Buckinghamshire New University and Brushtroke.

Finally, another really important aspect to breaking into beauty bookings for film and television is to build up your own portfolio and profile! See our helpful tips on how to create a great website and grow your profile authentically on Instagram. All of these will make you an attractive candidate for the jobs of your dreams.