Expertly List: UK On-Demand Beauty Booking Platforms 2021

On-demand beauty booking sites UK

As a freelancer or mobile beauty professional, it can be difficult to find new clients. Social media competition is huge, and it can take time to build up both a following and a reputation in the industry, especially if you're just starting your beauty business from home or new to a particular city or region in the UK.

An easy and alternate way to gain online exposure to new customers and grow your beauty business is through a directory or booking platform. There are many beauty directories in the UK where you can showcase your best work, and include important details about your profile that make it easy for customers to find who they are looking for - including your website and social media handles, location, contact details and even reviews.

Another great way of attracting new clients is booking websites. Some of them have the benefit of showcasing your profile and having the ability for clients to book a time-slot directly with you. Some other booking websites let only the clients book the time they want without seeing the beautician's profile and are then assigned to you if the time and location is convenient.

When deciding whether to join a platform or not, it's first and foremost important to recognise that almost all of the platforms below take a commission or fee for bookings you gain through them, of varying amounts. We recommend trying a few to find out which ones work for you financially, as most offer fairly flexible terms once you sign up. You should also try a few to find out whose clients are the best fit for you, and whose scheduling commitments work for your needs.

If you're new to the UK, new to booking platforms, or simply want to find out what's new, we've compiled a list of booking websites and directories for freelancer beauty professionals in the UK. You may also want to check out our separate list of the top sites where to list your professional hair and makeup services for weddings specifically here!