Brush Up On: Prep for Post-Lockdown Beauty Appointments

Post-Lockdown Beauty Appointment Tips

With beauty businesses and salons finally opening up in the UK after 12 April, it can feel like you're either getting overwhelmed with client beauty bookings, or finding yourself following up to remind people that you're still here. On top of that, it's a whole new world of rules and regulations to navigate.

Whichever group you might fall into, here are 5 actionable tips from our team on how to organise yourself, especially if you're a freelance or mobile beauty professional, and keep your customers happy as things pick back up.

1. Know the COVID-19 guidelines and make sure both you and your clients are comfortable

At the top of the list, always, is yours and your client's health and safety. Some of your clients might be over-excited about that long-awaited facial and forget about the guidelines; or some may understandably be extra cautious.  Either way, you should know the guidelines for salon and beauty professionals and make sure you adhere to them at all times. Remember to always review the UK guidance often for the latest on the “close contact” rules.


2. Send a round of Whatsapp or text messages to check in and say hello

Round up your contacts and send them a Whatsapp or text. Here's an example text you can feel free to adapt: “Hi! I'm back in business and taking beauty appointments. I'm available all week except Sundays and Mondays, from 9 am to 7 pm, and I travel to most of Northwest London. Send me a Whatsapp to book in.” If you have a booking link, even better.

3. Update your social media, and get back to posting

If you've gone quiet on social, it's a great time to get back and remind your clients that you're available. Post about your working schedule and news, but also your favourite products, treatment discoveries and other things your customers might have missed out on during lockdown. When our new Expertly app launches, you can also post your personal “Expertly shelf” directly to your social media pages, so that your clients can see what you think are the best beauty products and your personal notes, all in one place (find out more from our CEO on why we're launching Expertly here).

4. Send a newsletter, or even a simple email update, on what you've been up to

One thing many of us have learned from tough times this past year is how important our relationships are, and the relationship between your clients and you is likely no different - we all want to support one another.  You can really stand out and grow your beauty business by recognising this, and sending your clients a personalised email, giving them your news. You can either send a simple email (remember to BCC your contacts for privacy) or use a newsletter service such as Mailchimp.

5. Set a clear cancellation policy, and have a waiting list

Cancellation policies are important to make sure everyone respects each other's time. We recommend a 12 hour window both ways - that's flexible enough to accommodate unforeseeable things getting in the way for your clients, and for you to book in someone new at the last minute. Having a waitlist will be key for that. You can keep a simple one on your phone in simple note-keeping apps, such as Notes on iPhone.

Do you have any more tips to share? Let us know at, and we may post them on our Instagram and Facebook page. I for one have already started booking in my (many!) appointments with my favourite beauty experts, and hope to see some of you for treatments soon!

Happy booking!


Chief Marketing Officer, Expertly