Brush Up On: Making the Most of Promotions as a Beauty Professional

Sales with gift box

With winter upon us in the UK and Ireland, now might be the time that you're thinking about kick-starting your freelance beauty business with some vouchers and promotions. Promotions can be a great way to get loyal customers, who are with you for the long haul. We have listed below some tips and ideas on what you, as a freelance beauty expert, can do to promote your beauty business through promotions!

  1. Offer discounted gift cards to your business, including an expiry date. This is great as you can make an influx of cash, and people also don't use them right away so the “free” treatments are spread out throughout the year.

  2. Have a flash deal. For example 20% off for anyone that books a treatment that day, no matter how far in advance the appointment ends up being. Or, double or triple loyalty points for anyone that books services that day (if people do loyalty points).

  3. Offer customers a free extra treatment or product for any services book that week (for example, an extra file and polish), or even a glass of champagne.

  4. A giveaway, where you might give out five free treatments to the first five followers who interact with the post. This could also increase followers on your page, and in general get more people to interact with your post and business.

We hope these tips were helpful. Feel free to share this with other freelance beauty experts and businesses!