Brush Up On: Growing your Beauty Business Authentically on Instagram

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Using Instagram can help establish your brand identity as a freelance beautician, reach more potential customers, and strengthen your relationship with them, without necessarily spending a lot of cash on the platform. Here are our top tips on how to make the most out of Instagram to help grow your beauty business in an authentic way.

1 - Know what your brand stands for

Before making the decision to follow your page, Instagram users will typically consider the values you promote. Make sure that anything you share – new posts, reels, and stories – aligns with the principles of your beauty brand. Before sharing, get into the practice of asking yourself, “Does this post reflect what my beauty business stands for?”

2 - Keep it personal

Instagram posts with more thoughtful interactions will help you get more reach, so where possible, show your true self and try not to be too “sales”-y. Making your account more personal will remove the ‘Big Business' label and establish a deeper connection with your followers. At Expertly, we frequently share our team's very own insider tips and tricks with our Instagram followers to help them navigate the freelance beauty industry. For example, our recent post is a guide that helps freelance beauty experts get their businesses off the ground. By developing a closer connection with your following, you'll see your community blossom.

3 - Engage with your followers

Another way to strengthen your relationship with your followers is by engaging with them directly. Remember to dedicate some time each week to reply to comments and respond to the DMs you're receiving.

4 - Add stickers to your stories

Instagram also has a great selection of stickers, which you can add to your stories to improve communication with your followers. We love to add the poll sticker to Expertly's Instagram stories. This simple feature is an easy way to drive up your engagement and can give you plenty of valuable insight about your audience.

Another one to add to your story is the ‘DM Me' sticker, which boosts engagement and encourages meaningful conversations. It's time to get creative with the ways you engage your followers!

5 - Be consistent

Regularly sharing content is key to successfully growing your Instagram community. We suggest creating a content calendar to help stay on top of your feed. Your posts should also be coherent with the brand identity, and consistent in their tone and style.