Brush up on: Creating a Website for your Beauty Business

Website for beauty business

As a freelance beauty professional, we know that you don't actually have to have a website. You can simply have social media pages (including soon to come Expertly shelves) to showcase your work and expertise. But, skipping one might cause you to miss more than a few tricks - even with social media, there are still many benefits to having your own business website, for example:

  • You can attach booking widgets (see below!) and allow people to book you directly
  • You can take payments, which is easier for your clients, especially post-Covid
  • You can be creative and build a brand by showcasing pictures, your bio, and your values
  • Your clients can search and find you through Google using keywords

Websites for beauty businesses don't have to break the bank either. Some simple ones can be up and running for as little as £10 a month, and most tend to remain under £40 a month.

While there are a lot of options and complicated info out there, here we've provided a quick guide to setting up something quickly:

Step 1: Choose a website builder

A website builder allows you to quickly create a website, without knowing complicated code or having other technical skills. There are tons of options out there! Here, we've picked out some of our favourites, especially for beauty professionals:

  • Wix: With Wix you can create free and professional websites with over 500 customisable templates to choose from. It's extremely easy to use, and while it's not the cheapest, it's also not the most expensive. We especially love that Wix has made an effort to make the lives of beauty professionals easy, and have templates and other resources very specific to the industry here.
  • Squarespace: Squarespace also allows for professional looking websites and includes a user-friendly platform, content hosting, well-designed templates, built-in security and analytics, 24/7 support, and much more. It's a bit on the pricier end, but still reasonable, and is especially good for creatives - the Squarespace templates are definitely the most beautiful and stunning.
  • WordPress: One of the pioneers of easy-to-use website builds, WordPress is a great go-to to make your business website.  The most important thing to know though is that you may need help with WordPress, as it's a bit more complicated than the other two. However, if you're looking to customise a lot, it's perfect for that.

For total, absolute beginners, we recommend Wix. If you want a website that is a cut above the rest in terms of design, go for Squarespace. And if you want to do things that none of the out of the box solutions seem capable of, try out Wordpress.

(In case you're wondering, our own website is built on Webflow, which, like Wordpress, is an incredible tool! We love it but it's not as simple as some of our picks above, which is why we didn't include it this time around.)


‍Step 2: Integrate a booking provider

Here are some beauty booking provider sites and apps that you can integrate directly into your website - though keep in mind that some of your website builders (like Wix) have online scheduling available directly from their own services as well.

  • Fresha: One of the most popular options out there, Fresha is a straightforward but powerful booking tool, which can handle everything from bookings to payment processing to reporting and analytics.

  • Squire: Squire is a great solution to take bookings and collect pre-payments from customers. There are lots of great features, including booking widget, rescheduling appointments, adding tips and more. We especially love its look and feel.

  • Vagaro - The Vagaro app and website allows all of the usual booking features, as well as the ability for clients to search for local salons to book an appointment. It also makes it easier to manage the bookkeeping, payroll, and management.

  • Treatwell - Treatwell Connect is an on-the-go booking platform for professionals and their clients. You can be flexible on the time, location and price, and you can integrate it right on your website.

Step 3: Remember to advertise and promote your website

This step is fairly simple! Once your site is ready, post it on social media, or check out some of our other great articles on where to list your beauty services for weddings, at-home bookings, and more.

Step 4 (coming soon!): Sell products!

And of course, don't forget that if you're a beauty professional based in the UK, you can pre-register for the Expertly app, which will allow you to sell your favourite brands to your clients. Apply here to join our waitlist! Once your shelf is set up, you'll easily be able to add it to your website and sell products without having to hold any stock or inventory.

Want even more details on how to build your website? Here are some amazing resources we found to help you:


Good luck making your website!


Expertly CMO, London