Brush Up On: Building a Business as a Beauty Freelancer

Freelancer working on her business

Being a beauty freelancer can be challenging, especially when it comes to building your beauty business and finding new clients. We compiled a list of tips to help you increase your clientele, bookings and personal brand.

1 - Be present on social media

While this might seem obvious, we chose it as our first step, as it's increasingly important to have a social media presence. Social media is where you will get your biggest exposure, as clients often use it to search for beauty pros. Aim at least for Facebook and Instagram - not just creating accounts, but also posting regularly. This will indicate to new clients that you are available, and also serve as a perfect opportunity for you to showcase your best work.  Facebook groups are also a good opportunity to find information and tips on the industry, and grow your business with word of mouth.

2 - Post videos on Youtube

Beauty videos such as tutorials or product reviews on Youtube are one of the most popular content on the platform. Videos will attract people to your work and will lead to new clients. If your videos gain a lot of traction, you can even start to monetise your content, and make extra revenue through ads.

3 - Register on booking platforms

If you are looking to find new clients and bookings very quickly, this is the easiest way to proceed. There are a lot of booking platforms out there where you can register in a few minutes and get bookings straight away that fit your availability and be in your geographical range of work. We compiled a list of the best ones here:

And also a list for the weddings booking platform:

4 - Set up your own website

To increase your online visibility and as a supplement of your existing social media, creating your website is a good idea. From there you can present your best work the way that you want, but also add more information on your background and your experience. Adding a booking gateway directly to your website is . There are a lot of free, no-code website builder out there, like or

5 - Hire salon chairs

A lot of salons enable freelancers to hire chairs. It is the perfect opportunity for you to work in a professional environment, where you can meet a lot of new clients through the salon branding. If you gather a big enough client base, you can spin out solo and have them follow you.

6 - Create an inspiring brand!

To be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of the competition, create a unique brand on your social media or website. You can inspire yourself by going through other's profiles, or online blogs. Having your unique identity will bring new clients.